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About Me

My professional background is in Science and as a result there is a cross-over into my art, with the scientific knowledge informing the visual image. I produce unique images that show flowers and seeds in intricate detail, but in vivid, unfamiliar colours.

These images are Photograms, which are produced without the use of a camera. The technique goes back to the beginnings of photography; pioneers such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Anna Atkins produced black and white Photograms but modern papers and chemicals give exciting coloured images.

Working in a darkroom, I shine light through the flowers and seeds and onto the photographic paper. Because the natural subjects themselves act as filters for the light, the images that result are in startling, otherworldly colours and are of arresting beauty. Each photogram is unique and unrepeatable, much like a monoprint in Art, and so these images cross the boundary between photography and Fine Art.

I am a member of The Kiln Photo Workshop in Badshot Lea where a supportive community of photographers meet in a beautiful listed hop-barn. I have also gained the Licentiateship Distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

Jan Ramscar LRPS

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